Homecoming Committee

Homecoming Committee

Committee Advisor Ashley Sider asider@messiah.edu
Committee Chair Hayley Karper hk1206@messiah.edu
Social Outreach Chair Trust Milyango tm1351@messiah.edu
Social Outreach Co-Chair Natalie Robinson nr1230@messiah.edu
Court Chair Hayley Karper hk1206@messiah.edu
Lil’ Falcon Zone Chair Becca Hegman bh1321@messiah.edu
Lil’ Falcon Zone Co-Chair Jess Gallup jg1437@messiah.edu
Fun Run/Color Run Chair Brian Ong bo1184@messiah.edu
Volunteer & Recruitment Chair Charmaine Tan ct1234@messiah.edu
Powder Puff Overall Coordinator Aaron Parenti ap1307@messiah.edu
Senior Powder Puff Coach Richard Settle rs1468@messiah.edu
Junior Powder Puff Coach Tyler Kime tk1248@messiah.edu
Sophomore Powder Puff Coach Charles McKean ck1479@messiah.edu
First Year Powder Puff Coach


Open Committee Positions


First Year Powder Puff Coach: Responsible for recruiting Powder Puff players for your class.  Work in partnership with Powder Puff Overall Coordinator to ensure all rules, guidelines, and safety regulations are followed among your class team.  Coordinate with coaches to organize and implement team practices and communicate important updates and information to all players.  Assist Powder Puff Overall Coordinator in recruiting cheerleading captain and squad for class competition (if applicable).

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